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How and why we monitor our punctuality & reliability

Our regulator, the traffic commissioner, expects us to be able to demonstrate that our bus services are reasonably reliable.

We are expected to achieve 95% punctuality, for factors within our control, so that services operate in a “window” of between 1 minute early and 5 minutes late.

We monitor a cross section of all of the services we operate every day using our telematics system, “Greenroad”. This allows us to check where all of our buses were at a given time and we then check to see where they should have been and, therefore, how early or late they are.

We record any failures to operate, and the reason, so that we can manage those numbers down. Generally the number of journeys that do not run at all is a very small number and we are looking at exceptional circumstances.

Where buses were late (or worse early) we then dig down to find the reason and, if it’s something we can control, we make changes to ensure that we become more punctual over time.

For all of our buses that serve schools we record the arrival time every day they operate to ensure that they are arriving at school on time.

Sometimes our timetables need changing to reflect what is possible on roads that become more congested over time.

Our punctuality and reliability are discussed with Essex County Council, as the highways authority, at regular meetings and we make requests to them where infrastructure changes need to be considered.

If our customers have comments about the punctuality and reliability of services they use we’d love to hear them so that we can feed those issues into our improvement process.

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