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Big changes are coming to our bus services!

Essex County Council have changed the way that they support bus services in the county and this will have an impact on who operates some routes, some of the route numbers and the times of some services.

These changes take effect from Sunday, 10th April 2016.

Obviously there will be rumours of doom as people hear snippets of information about the new services without the full details but all of the places we currently serve will continue to receive bus services, albeit some at different times and with different service numbers.

We are busy preparing information for our users including the new times, route numbers and, in some cases, the change of operator. As soon as this information is prepared we will publish it through our website and by notices on our vehicles.

Broadly the changes are as follows:

Service 21
We will take over the peak services from First from 11 April 2016. There are no changes to the times or route. First will continue to operate on Saturdays.

Service 104 / 106
There will be no changes to this service.

Service 221
This service will be withdrawn and replaced by service 14 from Chelmsford & Wickford and service 94 from Basildon & South Woodham. The estate will continue to receive 3 buses an hour during the daytime (with more buses than the existing service on Saturdays) and there will be a commuter service every 20 minutes during the morning and evening peaks. These services will be operated by First during the day with ourselves providing additional buses during the peaks.

Service 222
This service will be renumbered service 12 and will continue to operate largely unchanged. The Saturday service will be the same as the weekday service. This service will be operated by Amber.

Service 225
This service will be replaced by a service 11 between Hodgsons Way in Shotgate and Basildon via Beauchamps, Wickford, Brock Hill, Downham, Ramsden, Crays Hill and Basildon. This service will run all day every 2 hours and will be provided by First.

Service 237
This service will be replaced by First service 94 between South Woodham and Basildon via Wickford, The Wick and the Basildon Industrial Estates. Brock Hill, Downham, Ramsden and Crays Hill section will be covered by service 11 (above).

We will also be providing new services to other parts of the county and we are preparing information for those services as quickly as we can.

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