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Snow (and how it affects us).

Buses are failrly tollerant of a reasonable amount of snow. They're heavy enough to put a decent weight onto their tyres and they'll go up and down fairly steep slopes well before they start slipping.

It's a sad fact of life that our road network is running well over the capacity that it was designed to serve. When it snows all of the traffic runs slower and this makes the roads more full. Often the road network is gridlocked when there's snow beacuse of abandonded or stopped cars. Once one car stops the road is effectively blocked by congestion and we start encountering massive delays.

The schools we serve often close as a precaution partly because of site health and safety concerns and partly because they have to consider how their staff and students travel to school safely. Where schools close early, or start late, we make every effort to accomodate their requirements.

Each of our buses is fitted with GPS tracking and we are able to manage our network of services through delays and closures.

We don't cancel services unless we have genuine concerns that to operate the service would be an unacceptable risk. We consider routes on a case by case basis taking into accounts the roads served, the local conditions and the geography (hills!).

If we have to cancel or make alterations to services we'll publish them on Twitter in the first instance; keep watching

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