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25/04/2017 @ 11:18 Paul Manning RIP
It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our employee Paul Manning after a year-long

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20/12/2016 @ 08:49 Christmas Service Alterations 2016/17
Friday 23th December 2016
We will be running normal weekday services (it is a non-schoolday)


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20/12/2016 @ 08:33 Office opening hours over Christmas 2016
FRIDAY 23 DECEMBER 07:45 - 15:00

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25/01/2016 @ 16:27 How and why we monitor our punctuality & reliability
Our regulator, the traffic commissioner, expects us to be able to demonstrate that our bus services

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24/12/2015 @ 11:17 Office opening hours over Christmas 2015


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04/12/2015 @ 15:37 Christmas 2015 service alterations
Thursday 24 December 2015
All services will operate normally except:
106 = No evening service.

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23/09/2015 @ 15:09 Alterations to School services Sept / Oct 2015
Known alterations to School services:

Thursday 24th September Anglo school buses depart 12:10

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07/09/2015 @ 13:41 No club-bus from Billericay School
We understand that Billericay School are not providing a club bus this academic year, or at least no

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26/08/2015 @ 13:27 School start dates September 2105
Wednesday 2nd
St John Payne buses normal times
St Martins, year 7 (special timetable issued by sch

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15/07/2015 @ 14:38 Anglo European School end of term arrangements
We'll be running our service 50 early on Wednesday, 22nd July.

The bus will leave from the school

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15/07/2015 @ 14:37 Beckets Keys School end of term arrangements
We'll be running the 41 and the 489 to provide a service for Beckets Keys students on Friday afterno

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15/07/2015 @ 14:32 Shenfield School Closure, Tuesday 21st July 2015
Shenfield School will be finishing at 12:00 on Tuesday. Buses will leave from the school at 12:10.

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27/02/2015 @ 15:36 So you've been allocated a place at a school...

So you’ve been allocated a school place and now you’re trying to figure out h

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26/02/2015 @ 10:44 Service 237 & 2 route diversion
From Monday 2 March for 1 week Service 237 & 2 will not be able to serve Sudbury Road or School road

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25/12/2014 @ 15:06 End of term early school closures
Here are the details of the early school closures for the end of term as we know them so far:


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09/12/2014 @ 09:27 Last day of term arrangements for schools
Here are the details for the schools we serve and the times of the buses from the various pick-up po

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09/12/2014 @ 09:26 Roundup of schools' industrial action 10th July 2014
We are not subject to industrial action but some of the schools that we serve have informed us that

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09/12/2014 @ 09:26 Arrangements for the First days of term.
Here are the details for the arrangements for travel for the first days of terms for the schools we

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09/12/2014 @ 08:48 School early closures week commencing 29th September
Early buses:

On Monday 29th September Billericay School is closing early. We'll be running buses

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23/06/2014 @ 11:06 You asked... we responded.
We got this message from a parent:

"The bus 104 stops at 2 would you consider running the bus ser

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27/05/2014 @ 09:30 Twitter for service updates

Where there are significant delays or cancellations we’ll update our twitter feed. You can

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27/05/2014 @ 09:30 Christmas Office Opening Hours
It would be very helpful to us if you could renew season tickets as early as possible. If you need t

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27/05/2014 @ 09:30 Fleet Alterations
For the bus enthusiasts out there we've been busy renewing our fleet this year.

We've disposed of

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27/05/2014 @ 09:30 Start of term arrangements
Start of term arrangements

Monday 6th January 2014:
All schools services are running except:

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11/02/2014 @ 09:25 How we choose to offer bus services

We are often asked to provide a new service for areas that don’t have the level of service

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